Wednesday Gizmodo (last update) & new prospects

I'm not going to continue at Gizmodo for the moment. My focus is definitely on my fiction writing and Gizmodo is the big leagues of blogging, so to speak. Certainly no bridges burned, though, the team there is great.

These are my last Gizmodo articles at the moment:
A exoskeleton of sorts from Japan to help aid disaster relief
Dogfight! I want one, actually
A waterproof, floating speaker case for the iPod Nano
This thing made me realize I have a cyborg pirate fetish

However, a friend—the same guy who gave me a chance there—has pointed me in a new direction. Keep you posted.


Tuesday Gizmodo & Red Hook

My designer friend, Lisa, brought me on to write copy for a pamphlet she was whipping together. A community in southern Brooklyn called Red Hook wants a guide of sorts for people getting off the cruiseliners there. Not that Red Hook is a bad place or anything, but it has a very narrow strip of rather incredible things to eat and see, surrounded by a residential area that could be confusing to newcomers. We've since sent the final draft to the printers, and when Lisa gets back from vacation I'll see if it's OK to post a sample of the pamphlet here.

Until then, some more Gizmodo:
Very short bit about leaked Playstation 3 controllers
A rather cool looking iPod dock
Finally a computer my dad would love
I really dig this light, personally

Monday Gizmodo & Aaron James

Right, so, getting together all of my articles proved to be a little too time consuming. In the meantime I'll keep this rolling.

Today I met with Aaron James to finalize the copy for his website. He knew exactly what he wanted in terms of language and atmosphere, so working with him was really easy.

Also, these posts went live at Gizmodo yesterday:
A cooling pad for laptops
A Cyberman shower radio, fashioned after the cyborg race from Dr. Who
A coffee table with LEDs and IR sensors scattered across its surface
More iPhone/AT&T rumors
An Apple patent, hopefully they do something with this one

The patent article could have been better, but I was pretty burned out after reading the 34-page concept sheet Apple put together.