Friday SciFi & new headings

This time around, I wrote it for the kids. Also, instead of just using the days of the week to title updates for SciFi, as it'll probably continue for a while, I'll try using dates. Or maybe even something more interesting like relevant blurbs. We'll see!


Thursday SciFi & my crazy brother

Sorry, Mr. Lewinski.

Also, thanks for all the comments, bro. This isn't really a blog. It's more of an organic resume and a place where I can keep track of how many articles I've written when it's time to invoice, but it's great to know someone is actually peeking from time to time.


Wednesday SciFi & hopefully other stuff

A new article can be found here. It's about a mouse.

Also, a new month means it's time to get rolling again. The only other project I have active right now is writing fiction, though I can't post that here. But hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to post soon.


Tuesday SciFi

Huzzah, a Star Trek reference.


Monday SciFi

Woke up a bit under the weather.

An article I wrote on Friday went live this morning. Wish I had the power to edit it as it's got some rough bits I didn't catch—my own fault—but that's all right. A second article of mine for today is here.