In the meantime...

Writing has really picked up lately. I published in SCI FI Magazine, which I hope to be able to show soon (no scanner in the closet I call an apartment). The volume's getting a bit much for me to keep up with, but if I land any big projects I'll toss them up here.

In the meantime all of my daily work will be at DVICE.


I didn't write it...

...but I did do the graphic: Why the iPhone ruled 2007



Some days you write about a sweet advancement in robotics.

Some days you write about the Meat Toilet.


More more more

- Mobius MKII loudspeaker is big, spreads tunes 360 degrees
- Talismoon Evolve Wii color cases, until Nintedo buys some paint
- Digidesign MBox 2 Micro puts a digital sound studio in your pocket
- GPS Sports vitals tracking system weeds out the slackers
- Banpresto showers Gundam fans with gadgetry, doodads
- Takara Tomy i-SOBOT named smallest humanoid robot in production
- Crealev LOS! floating lamps are dangerously more interesting than you
- CITIZEN:Citizen ccPhone, the wolf in Apple's clothing
- Audiovox 'Anyware' NVX3000PC hovers somewhere between handheld and laptop
- Stylish Sanyo Eneloop bell sounds the alarm, tells your family
- Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle should be forced on bad tippers

Erm... Last week in SciFi

Been cuh-razy.

- Vice Versa clock ditches the face, is all arms
- M61 "Counter-Rocket" gatling gun-on-a-truck shoots down mortars like skeet
- Mobile Robots PatrolBot refitted as a festive holiday servant
- Hitachi considers steering wheels for its finger vein authentication system
- Lego Pathfinder might as well be a real spaceship
- Face tracking i.C. Hexapod wins every staring match, takes pictures to prove it
- Hot/cold sheet set cures the sheet hog, eliminates cuddling
- MultiBook: a lamp, alarm clock, charger and a terrible read
- Suzuki Biplane is a motorcycle, but looks like it could fly
- Numberless Audocron "clock" takes its sweet time
- Dell XPS One A2010 gets bland introduction by the FCC
- Arrr! Nexpeaker sailboat speakers are ripe for plunderin'!
- Ping Pong Door turns entryways into battlefields
- Fingers laptop stand organizes your cables in a pinch
- NICT android gets all touchy-feely with those who need care
- Remote controlled trench compactors put Tonka trucks to shame
- Underwood Rotobox Winder Cabinet for people who really love watches
- iShoes motorized skates: cruise at 15 mph without moving your legs
- NEC SX-9 supercomputer is world's fastest at 839 TFLOPS
- Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow: from puddle to car in 60 seconds
- Marantz CR201 Personal CD System is sleek enough to dust off the ol' album
- Rabbit-shaped strobe lights announce the coming of the adorable police
- This week in SCI FI Tech


Big SciFi update

Been concentrating on SciFi at the moment:

- Belkin n52te SpeedPad makes you wish you had more fingers
- DoCoMo toying with paper cellphones... e-paper, that is
- This week in SCI FI Tech
- Travelex QUID: "intergalactic currency" for your next trip into space
- World's first tsunami generator is the wave pool from hell
- Binibottle: In 2007 bottles finally get a cap on the side
- U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi virtual humanoid isn't much to look at... Or is it?
- M65 Recoilless Nuclear Rifle: say hello to my really big friend
- This week in SCI FI Tech
- Smart Stool robot listens to you babble and then tells rest of the room
- Hyundai W-100 does a a lot more than you thought a watch could
- Sneaky how-to: attach that spare 35mm lens to your camcorder
- Nissan NV200 mobile office shortens morning commute to about two seconds
- Smart tech allows for eco-friendlier, recyclable trains in Oslo
- Checking in with the galaxy's greatest photographer
- Talking Digital Hand Grip actually talks to your hand
- Automated pod cars to provide speedy, comfortable transportation to the weary
- Fighter jets with DynaSpeak speech recognition: "Yeehaw!"
- Hymini wind turbine lets tree huggers charge their cell phones the green way
- Senjo No Kizuna: a glorious panoramic Gundam simulator
- Man-made tornado sucks by design, may save lives
- Rampaging robot cannon leaves nine dead in its wake
- D-Box GP-200 chair adds motion to your games
- Flashy LED Hat is appropriately geeked out
- WIA "Microrobot" is friggin' huge and well armed
- Kaoru Digital Signage: wake up and smell the... advertising?
- Aviation enthusiast replaces his bedroom with $30,000 simulator
- Fentix Cube brings Rubik's into the 21st century with brighter games
- ScooterDesk: a work station for chronic fidgeters
- This week in SCI FI Tech

Woo! I'll leave this week's posts for another update.