More SciFi & time in the field

Last week I was running around to report at a bunch of different press events including Hot5, ShowStoppers, and DigitalLife. I don't think I mentioned Pepcom, but I was there a little earlier last month as well.

- Corsair Readout shows you exactly what's inside
- Today's word is "Average," brought to you by Toshiba
- Zipit messenger keeps kids in touch with their Internet buddies
- FlyTech buzzes back into the spotlight
- IceRage office gadgets expose your inner geek
- Toshiba's DLP-PX10U projector makes presentations less cumbersome
- This week in SCI FI Tech
- Mio DigiWalker GPS learns some sweet new tricks
- Bang & Olufsen keeps focused with music phone
- Paint: It keeps your lights on now, too
- Sharp's multi-touch LCD optically scans with every pixel

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Chris said...

That memory stick is crazy awesome! Four gigs for $80, too, jeez. I remember paying $80 for 256MB not three years ago.

Also, on your Toshiba MP3 player article, "TheApocalypse" suggests:
One thing that always amazes me when people talk about the various iPod products is how often they fail to mention the biggest reason to buy something else... iTunes.

He touches on a good point. In fact, so good that it's exactly why I'm ditching Apple for my next MP3 player. iTunes is kind of a dog on Windows. Its handling of playlists is top notch, don't get me wrong, but that's hardly enough. Top it all off with Apple's trademark arrogance and control-freakish nature and I'm quite happy to bid Apple farewell.

Is it me, or does the picture of the hand in the B&O phone article look a little off? Look at the forearm tendons, they're too high, like they Photoshopped a hand onto the arm. Whiskey tango foxtrot?