Thursday SciFi & my window situation

Another post at SCI FI Tech. They're going to keep me on next week as well at one article daily. Hope it holds up!

Also, I returned the Roman shade that completely fell apart and got one with a functional drawstring. So, despite what it might mean about me as a person, I am rather excited to have a fully functional blind covering each of my windows.



My first post for SCI FI Tech went live today. Pretty groovy.


SCI FI Tech & the Brooklyn Freelance Writers

It looks like I'm going to start writing articles tentatively for SCI FI Tech. Only one a day until the weekend, maybe a few next week, and hopefully more as things pick up. Some of the guys I worked with at Gizmodo also post there.

There are a few smaller networks here in Brooklyn and New York in general that I've found, like Brooklyn Freelance Writers and Park Slope Freelancers. I'm used to talking to designers and clients, so it should be nice to meet my fellows and see how they go about it, see if anyone needs help, what they're reading, etc.


Roman shade installation & insanity

Easy end to the month. All of my clients have their invoices and I got a bit of downtime. Downtime that will be swallowed up by the two shades I've tried installing and completely mucked up.

One is stuck open, the other closed (the drawstrings came loose and fell off). I won't even begin to go over screw woes, cheap drill bits, and my electric drill almost catching on fire.

I plan to take pictures of the place so everyone can take a peak, but don't be surprised if I just have slabs of cardboard taped over my windows.