My first post for SCI FI Tech went live today. Pretty groovy.


Christopher Hall said...

Hey bro, great post! Are you writing for Sci-Fi now, or did they just pick up the article through the freelance network?

I ask because I hope you're writing for Sci-Fi now. Imagine! You could have a hand in writing Sci-Fi original movies if you keep at it! You know, the ones we used to enjoy so much, like "Dark Waters", "Deep Shock", "Bats", erm... that one with the snakes, and anything else with an "OH MAAAAAAN!!!" factor greater than eleventy billion.

On topic, have you gotten to play the game yet? Is it any good?

Kevin Hall said...

I'm writing for them at the moment. I'll have to ask about the possibility to slide into the SCI FI Original Movies market, but I don't know if I've quite reached the mastery their writers display.

Haven't gotten to see a MegaPhone in action yet, but I am actually headed up to Times Square tomorrow to see The Simpsons. If there's one there I'll post a pic here.